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Selling To Motivated Buyers

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Home buyers fall into two primary categories: those who live in the area already, and those planning to relocate. When selling your home, there is one very important difference between the two - motivation.

Local buyers may want to purchase a home, but may not be sufficiently motivated to do so. Since they already have a home, buying another one is not a must. Unless strong motivation to make another purchase is present, they may look at homes, even show interest, yet not actually make a purchase.

Relocating families, on the other hand, represent a very attractive source of ready buyers. Since they do not reside in the area, but are relocating (perhaps to a new job), they must make a housing decision.

Assuming they will buy, rather than rent, it can easily be determined that they are truly motivated. They generally have the financial ability to make a purchase, and may even be impatient to make their decision.

Real estate agents recognize that people relocating into the area lack familiarity with the local market. Buyers are not sure where they want to live. Usually, the agent will give them a guided tour to help familiarize them with available neighborhoods, schools, and shopping. This is time well spent since the buyers may not make a decision until they are comfortable with the area.

Once suitable locations have been identified, the agent will locate homes which meet their needs, possibly in several different neighborhoods. Local mortgage lenders may also be suggested to help obtain a suitable loan.

Because relocating buyers have a limited time in which to find the right home, they often choose to let an agent assist them in their search. Appointments can be set by a single agent, saving time by not having to negotiate with many different owners. To sell your home successfully, depend on your agent to tap this attractive source of serious, motivated buyers.


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