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Offers and Counteroffers

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You have just received the call that an offer is coming in. Of course, there are many questions that will go through your head. This is where having an experienced Realtor, like Judy, on your side helps. There is a huge amount of information included in an offer to purchase a house. Good Realtors will go over an offer in detail with you, answering any questions along the way.

The best advice that can be given to homeowners during the offer/counteroffer process is to be prepared for anything. Then, try to put emotions aside and look at the facts that have been presented. You will need to be able to consider both the price and the terms of the offer. The price that is offered is usually indicative of a price range a buyer is willing to pay for your home. The question you must ask yourself is whether you are willing to accept that range and negotiate accordingly.

If you decide not to accept the offer price as written, you may propose a counter offer. This indicates that you are willing to proceed with the negotiation process with this buyer. The price that you counter with should be a number that you are comfortable with and have consulted with your Realtor about. Judy has both the experience and the knowledge to guide you through this experience.

It can take minutes, hours or even days for two parties to reach an agreement. Once a final price is agreed upon, other terms of the deal can usually be easily worked out. Some things that might come up include who will keep certain household items such as curtains and who will do necessary repairs. The key to this stage of the offer/counteroffer process is to stay reasonable and remain in the mode of discussion and compromise.

Once there is a final agreement that can bind the two parties, the success of the transaction can by influenced by other outside parties, including the home inspector and the lender. Judy is excellent at staying on top of any issues that may arise at this point and finding solutions to any problem.


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