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Guidelines For Making Informed Decisions When Selling

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1. When selling your home it is a good idea to let a real estate agent represent your interest and market your home. An agent can more often than not handle objections and concerns calmly, without emotion of personal involvement.

2. Potential buyers will also discuss price concerns more openly with an agent. These concerns may many times be easily dissolved as your agent can explain solutions by offsetting other benefits offered by your home.

3. To finance a new house most purchasers need to apply for a mortgage, and, therefore, money questions need to be asked. Serious buyers are usually more willing to discuss finances with a professional which will negotiate on your behalf, than with yourself.

4. Consider every offer and evaluate terms and conditions. The net effect could be an acceptable transaction with the added benefit of a faster closing date that relieves anxiety about an unsold home.

5. Avoid an urgent sale. Urgency translates into a compromise of price, terms and/or convenience. To achieve financial satisfaction when selling your home plan ahead. Time the marketing of your home so that you don't feel pressured to sell.



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