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Marketing Your Home

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While you may not have a degree in Marketing, or really even know very much about how to market a house for sale, you know EXACTLY why you bought your home. Those reasons may be the very same reasons a buyer would want to buy your home.

It is a Realtor's job to know the community they work in and the real estate market in their area, but only you know all the little interesting tidbits about your house and what it is like to live there. SHARE THESE THINGS WITH YOUR REALTOR. They could possibly be the missing link in how they market your home.

If you bought your home because you can sit on the back porch in your robe and drink coffee without a single person seeing you, that's important. Your Realtor can use words like "extremely private back deck and yard" in their descriptions, possibly making your home stand out to someone.

Other things that may stand out to some buyers include things like:

  • Your home is within walking distance of shops or restaurants.
  • Great afternoon sunlight floods into your screened porch, allowing you to keep plants and flowers there.
  • Because your home sits on a cul-de-sac, all the neighbors like to get together and have weekend barbecues out in the front yard.
  • The extra storage above the garage is big enough to store all your winter ski gear, plus holiday decorations.
  • At night your neighborhood is so quiet, you can hear the crickets chirp.
  • The trees in the back yard are perfect for climbing.
  • The open floorplan allows you to cook dinner while still being a part of what is going on in the family room.

  • No matter what it is that made you fall in love with your house, you should share it with your Realtor. You never know what might catch a person's eye when they are scrolling through listings on the Internet.




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