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First Time Home Buyers

Buying your very first home is an exciting, and sometimes scary, experience. There are a multitude of factors that go into finding and buying a home. A good recommendation is to educate yourself about the home buying process before actually beginning your search.

First Time Home Buyer - Wilson County - Mt. Juliet Realtor

Most people decide that their first step is to look at homes on the internet at one of the various sites that host home listings. However, speaking with an experienced Realtor, like Judy, will be the best first step toward buying a home that you could ever make. The financial, legal and emotional factors that you will face during the home buying process can be easily navigated by an experienced Realtor like Judy.

You may think that representing yourself is a good option in order to save money, but you may change your mind as you encounter some of the many obstacles that can arise during the home buying process. Many different scenarios can occur, including encountering a seller who is un represented and uneducated about the real estate market or not being able to determine fair market price for a home without a Comparative Market analysis. This is where a Realtor's experience and expertise can be invaluable, possibly saving you thousands of dollars and many headaches.

An experienced Realtor has contacts in the mortgage lending and financial world, and they can introduce you to a competent business professional who can lead you through things like mortgages, down payments and taxes. These people, along with your Realtor can help you realize how much you qualify for, how much you can actually afford and the realistic costs of buying and owning a home. One thing that these professionals can teach you is that the amount of money you qualify for may not be the actual amount you can afford. You may come to a realization that you can afford less or more than you originally thought.

There are many programs in the real estate world that are geared toward first time buyers; helping you with things like down payment assistance. An experienced Realtor will keep up with all new and existing programs that may help their clients.

Judy loves to work with first time buyers. The biggest benefit to being a Realtor is seeing people move into a house that they can call home. Judy is always available to answer questions and guide you on what makes sense for you and your situation.


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