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Why should you Buy A Home instead of Rent?

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Here are just a few reasons why buying a home can be beneficial:

• Owning a home is a wealth-building tool. Building equity in a home is a smart financial move.
• You can decide how to decorate the interior of the house and what improvements you would like to have.
• There are tax advantages to owning a home. Interest paid on a mortgage can usually be deducted from taxes. Check with the IRS or a tax advisor before filing taxes as a homeowner.
• Owning a home can be easier on you if you are a pet-lover. There are no pet fees or rules about pets from a landlord.
• If you decide you need more room or a different spacial plan, you can remodel your house or add on square footage.

There are always situations where owning is not the best option. You should always look at your financial position and future plans before making a decision as big as owning a home.



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