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Good Deal? Offer a good price instead of gimmicks

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Which is better? A great deal or an ok deal with a big screen tv?

Everyday Realtors see ads for homes that say the homeowner will include a big screen tv, a pool table or various other items if a buyer beings them an acceptable offer. While this can be a great advertising tool to get the word out about a home, the hype may quickly fade if the price of the home is not a good enough deal.

It is a buyer's market, and buyers are looking for a deal. Pricing a home well in this market is one of the most proven ways to get it sold. Homes that are priced too high tend to linger on the market with very little interest.

Instead of thinking up gimmicks, isn't it just better to offer a good price from the beginning? Owning a 50" flat screen may sweeten the deal for a buyer, but it will rarely make them sign on the dotted line.

So, if you have a pool table you would rather not move, feel free to offer it to a buyer in order to help them make an easier decision to buy your home. But, don't count on any item being enough of an enticement to make a buyer pay more. I don't know about you, but to me, a $1,000 television is not worth overpaying for a home by $10,000!

-Written by Maggie Claprood and Judy Rockensock-




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